1. What is a guitar orchestra?

    A guitar orchestra is made up of several 'standard' classical guitars,  plus a number of specialised instruments that extend the range of the orchestra both upwards and downwards.  We currently have the following specialised guitars:

    A requinto guitar (tuned a fourth higher than standard)

    A contrabass guitar (tuned an octave lower)


  2. Can anyone join?

    Everyone is most welcome, but you do need a classical guitar (nylon strings), and the ability to sight-read a simple line of music.  Don't worry if you think you're sight-reading isn't very good, this is a great way to learn!


  3. Are any auditions required?

    No, anyone is welome to join.  The parts have varying degrees of difficulty from Grade 2 up to Grade 8 and beyond, so you should be able to find a part to suit your standard of playing.



  4. How often does the orchestra rehearse?

    We normally meet every other Wednesday evening, in the King's Hall at Newcastle University (6.45pm to start playing at 7pm).


  5. How much does it cost to join?

    There is an annual subscription of £50 (students £20).  This allows us to raise money for instruments and for music.  The first session is free.